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  • What Do Kids Need When Taking Dance Classes

    What Do Kids Need When Taking Dance Classes

    If you're thinking about signing up your children for dance classes, among the first questions parents ask is 'What will my child need?' Most studios have rules around the kind of clothing and shoes that need be to worn throughout the class, but parents aren't sure the special items are necessary. Prior to signing your child up for dance lessons, learn what they will need to participate and, more importantly, why they're necessary.


    A leotard and tights are some of the most typical clothing items worn during lessons. Some studios even require that students all wear the same type of uniform for example black leotards and pink or white tights. But why is important?

    Leotards fit closely to the body as this way an instructor can easily see the dancer's movements. The instructor will be able to easily see if students needs further instruction or practice when studying the steps. Additionally, having everyone wear exactly the same clothing implies that instructors will easily notice with only a peek whether someone is dancing off beat or needs more help remaining in tune with the music.


    The type of shoes required depends on the kind of lessons. A ballet class, for example, will need special ballet slippers, while a tap class will need tap shoes. As dancers become more good at different types of dances, different shoes may be required. A professional ballet class will probably require toe shoes, while an advanced tap class may need tap shoes having a small heel over flats. Before purchasing footwear for a ballet class, ask the teacher if he or she prefers pink or black. Typically teachers will need each student within the same color.

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    In case your child's hair is longer, she may be inspired to pull it back during classes. Teachers often request the hair be retracted inside a bun, though a ponytail may be sufficient. This is because hair that's kept from the face allows the teacher to higher see the lines of the spinal.


    Most dance classes celebrate no more the year with a recital for parents, grandparents and other family members. Students often work for the entire year on their recital routines and this typically implies that they've got a themed costume for each routine. These costumes can include sequins, tutus, headpieces and much more. The cost of these recital costumes is usually far above the cost of dance lessons and can cost anywhere from $50 all the way up to $300. If the price of a recital costume is an issue, be sure to ask prior to signing up for classes.

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